About Us

Stock Company "ELENICA" - Strumica is established as brick factory "ELENICA" - Strumica with Decision no. 127 since 02.03.1954 by People's counsel of municipality Strumica. Its activity is production of grooved bricks, roof bricks and production of bricks and lime.

Since 03.12.1970 the company works as Industry of building materials and handicraft works "ELENICA" - Strumica. Except the former mentioned activities it does with handicraft works also as; locksmith's work, plumbing and sewerage system works, heating, electricity and tinsmith's work with white metal. With coordination of the Law of joint labor on 08.12.1978, the company was registered as Working organization for production of building materials "ELENICA" - Strumica, with no basic organizations of joint labor in its content, but with the following activities: production of bricks and tiles, building blocks made of clay, porous blocks of clay for attics and arches (mount attic bricks; wholesale and retail trade with no food products - building sanitary and installing materials).

At the end of 1989, a new coordination of the Law of companies is done. On 14.12.1989 the company is registered as Company in public property Industry of building materials "ELENICA" - Strumica. The company's activity is spread with export of its own production and transport of goods in highway traffic.

When the property transformation of public capital started on 06.08.1991, the company is registered as Company of limited responsibility Industry of building materials "ELENICA" () - Strumica, the company activity is spread with wholesale and retail trade with food and no food products. With the same name and with the same activities the company works to the very days of today.